Why do we need to make friends?
Sep 18, 2008 12:45 PM
Answers · 3
can u guarantee that no one around u can live?
September 19, 2008
The Nature of the Human is to be social and communicate with people in their pleasure and Sadness , And its diffecult for man to keep alone all of his /her life without making Friendshap and relationshap even if he/she is introvert person should have one or two friends , We need friends and Friendshap to Support you , encourage you , setting by you and share you happiness and Sadness and help you , so you have to find the True Friends these are like a treasure you cant loss if there are faithful to you , and the vice versa if there weren't Suitable , Hope you find the True friendshap if in just one or 2 Great freinds ^_^
September 18, 2008
because the human Naturally social.........
September 18, 2008
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