In your opinion..What kind of space can you create in your life for something new? A life that sometimes you feels emptiness and as if feeling restless that you want to hang on into something that the world does'nt want to allow you. Just want something better to come along..Please help..just need some advice..
Sep 19, 2008 2:55 AM
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Hi,Accell,thank u for sharing this question with me~Well,I'll give u my personal views about this question. In my point of view,I think it's a common phnomenon which can be found in everyone of us.It's unvoided that we sometimes feel empty,viod,lose interesting for everything.That's because we can't find something new in this world which can trigger our enthusiasm or initiative,so that there are so many people seek for suicide,they just don't know what's the true meaning to be live. Frankly,I sometimes also got this feeling and don't want to live in this world,in that moment,I always feel helpless and depressed.But,fortunately,it's only a short period,I force myself go into the right orbit,such as talking with my parents and friends,or go to a strange place by my own for relax,you will get this feeling that you are reborn or go into the real world again,it's a really odd experience,but u can have a try.Sometime we feel boring,that's because we always do our routines and can't find something new,so,try to make some small changes,such as do a new hair style or make a new friend who is quite different with u. As to things u mentioned that the world doesn't allow us to do,I think,there isn't utmost truth,a long time ago,the world cannot admit gay marriage,but now,some places take it as a common thing.So,in my opinion,as long as we do something which doesn't break the basic principles,we can do whatever we want,after all,no one can replace us to live.So,fighting,Accell!
September 20, 2008
When(Alla) God created the universe was not created for the vacuum. But created to worship Through life and what we make in our lives So there is no vacuum There is a permanent worship In everything in your life work and the wife and children and friends And Communication So there is no such thing as a vacuum So what kind of space I can create my life for something new? The best worship(Alla) God
September 19, 2008
my english teacher tell me ,there are just two sentences in your life ,if you dream of something,just do it,if you love somebody,just tell her.
September 19, 2008
just do want to do !! yeah, it's a cruel world ,, i have a dream than i want to be the rishest man in the world ,, however , it's very hard to me ! but you know , if you have a dream and the you will try you best to that become ture! so , I feel you have to think this question: why you come here in this world ,,just you should find your in-heart soul !
September 19, 2008
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