What is the most important choice you"ll ever make in your entire life? Each days is a series of choices.Some days the choices seem to come fast and furious in a helter-skelter chaotic blur.Other day's there seems to be only one choice, the one that seems to scream for your exclusive attention and leaves you emotionally pertified and mentally exhausted..or so many things that seem to clamor for my attention,screaming out" You've got to work on ME! Put me first!...
Sep 20, 2008 3:41 AM
Answers · 3
The choice between WHAT I NEED TO DO and WHAT I WANT TO DO.
September 25, 2008
dont konw,i am just 20years,i just choose which shool i should go ...... ok, i hope i am able to control my death, to choose when i am going to died
September 21, 2008
To choose between success and failure
September 20, 2008
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