how to express the meaning of"吓死我了" for example,吓死我了,我还以为我说错话了呢。 吓死我了,你以后别突然在后面拍我 as you know, the same"吓死我了" in chinese have different meanings,so how to express them?? and another question is that when i talk to my friends,really close to say "你个死变态 or 你白痴吧你" in English thx a lot
Sep 20, 2008 7:46 AM
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I think the best and most direct translation is: 'you scared me to death!' As below: 吓死我了,我还以为我说错话了呢。 You scared me to death, I thought I said something wrong!! 吓死我了,你以后别突然在后面拍我 You scared me to death, next time dont surprise me from behind!! What Linda said souds OK for this: 你个死变态 you freak! 你白痴吧你 you idiot!
September 20, 2008
吓死我了,我还以为我说错话了呢。Thank God I didn't say the wrong thing. 吓死我了,你以后别突然在后面拍我 You scare me! Don't suddenly pat on my back like that again. 你个死变态 you freak! 你白痴吧你 you idiot!
September 20, 2008
interesting topic: Maybe not quite suitable for your example, but is "scare the bejesus out of sb." one ? :)
September 20, 2008
我想你應該是想問英文該怎麼說吧. You freaked me out. 另外一個我覺得不錯可以分享的(電影裡聽到的): You take my breath away 不完全一樣,但是很生動的
September 20, 2008
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