jia ni
if my teacher dosen't teacher very well,how can i give him a suggestion politely?
Sep 20, 2008 11:14 AM
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Hi you look quite young from your picture and I don't know if you are really qualified to judge whether a teacher is teaching you well or not. Different teachers have different methods of getting information across. Do you pay attention in class, take notes, revise your work at night, ask/answer questions during class & do your homework or do you chat with your friends? If the teacher wasn't teaching properly , surely that person would have come to the attention of the Director by now. As a teacher, many of my students expect to be 'spoon fed' everything and a lot of them don't pay much attention in class, then complain when they don't understand things.Too often students blame the teacher, when they themselves could be working much harder.
September 21, 2008
Evan, As for "the guys in MY circle?" I just got out of a 2 hour meeting with 20 Foreign Teachers. The topic was how to better our english teaching styles. for the last week we sat in each others classes and observed our each other's teaching methods. pointing out goods and bads. As for the "teacher" you went up to in a Kindergarden class. I was not there so as far as I know that could just be a story to make your comment fluffy. EVEN WORSE you used the FRIEND OF A FRIEND OF MINE..... that is so classic of an urban legend (AKA UNTRUTH). and as for the Aussie with his fly open...Maybe it was broken and he had no way to change his pants as he had class. to further the aussie comment.....so for a half an hour you couldn't find quality in his teaching? usually a class is an hour and a half. So I guess the rest of the time had the quality. Again I don't know as I was not there and this can be more fluff in your comment. to restate, I started with 50 students and now teach 600 a week. So I must be doing something right. The best part about teaching is watching my students use english. When they creatively make sentences in english using the knowledge I have taught them I think this starts them on the road to english fluency. I feel my work speaks for itself. If you are so upset about the quality of foreign teachers in china then approach you government to try and encourage change. Instead of being an armchair critic. Now if you will excuse me I have a class to teach.
September 23, 2008
well first of all to SUNNY. english schools in CHINA DON'T WANT their Foreign Teachers to speak in CHINESE during class. HOWEVER, if permitted, I CAN TEACH AND AND EXPLAIN IN NATIVE ( IN CHINESE). I know the grammar terms and can associate chinese and english structures. i would be VERY HAPPY If i could speak in Chinese while teaching english! I guess SUNNY has never been to an english school in china. Many STUDENTS (AND THERE PARENTS IF THE STUDENTS ARE CHILDREN) would be angry if I spoke in English during class time. You are right about teaching in china as being give and receive. I give my students my knowledge of english, and they receive it. What they do with it is up to them. I would love to comment on the teaching conditions in China. However, I'm in China. Ask me again when I'm back in Canada. I think I got most of what Sunny said as Sunny english is poor and I really don't have time to correct it. I would rather focus my time on English as a second language students that would actually welcome my teaching. Which is over 600 students. That is how many students I teach a week. I started with 50 and now have 600 so I must be doing something right.
September 23, 2008
that's the reason for different culture. most foreiger teach in China for language is their advantage,meanwhile they are lack of culture and native language,in my opinion,before a teacher,your should be a good student. a Chinese saying:教一滴水,得要准备一桶. good communication and understanding is very important. today,how many foregn teacher in China can speak or explain in native? teaching is not teach,it's the process of give and receive, learning just order change.
September 22, 2008
More to the fireflytech: And regarding your another point: how sad it is! somebody is really insulted but obviously not by my comments, but by some one who ever did/ and stil doing urgly things. With no doubt I'm quite honored as a Chinese, I love our country!! but just because of the love I have to my country, I feel hurt when someone's humiliating our great honorable nation! And no need you flattery, I know China is an intelligent country, but she's not that intelligent/perfect to make no mistakes ever. What's funny is that today I feel it just on the opposite, there are qutie amount of our fellows are misguided by their intelligence and then got lost in the flood of rapidly growing economy! If there're poisons in our food, then what makes you so sure there're no rascals among the Foreign Teacher teams?
September 22, 2008
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