How can I learn the Chinese alphabet? I suppose every character corresponds to a letter or a group of letters. Is there a logical way in learning Chinese characters or do I simply have to learn the spelling of each word?
Sep 21, 2008 4:57 PM
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中国字是由“象形字”演变而来。Chinese character is evolved in "pictographic character". 比如“門(繁体)”,像不像一扇门?for example “門(Traditional Chinese )”,does it looks like a door? 所以中国字就像domasla说的,是一个整体,由“笔画”组成,笔画就像英文中的字母。so,Chinese character is just like domasla said,is an entire word,consists of various "strokes",strokes can be compared to letters in english. 这是五种基本的中国笔画,横(一)、竖(丨)、撇(丿)、点(丶)、折(乙 )。this five strokes are basic.
September 22, 2008
hehe I love this question. I understand where you are at. a chinese character is not as complex as it looks. lets look at the chinese word for you 您 (pronounced nin kneen). this is the polite way to say you. for example you are talking to an older person or your boss. 您 is made up of three simpler characters the first one is 人 ren that is the part on the left that looks like a T ren means person. then we have 尔 er which also means "thou" an old way to say you almost shakespearean like :-). and finally 心 xin which means heart. 感 gan also has the 心 in it. 感 means feel :-). these parts are also called radicals there are radicals for water 水, fire 火,
September 24, 2008
No, a character doesn't correspond to a letter or group of letters. It represent an entire word. Or an expression. Some have several pronuciations. Well, in most cases a character may have several meanings. To make it more clear most words are written by a combination of two characters. This combination is quite unique. I'm afraid you have to learn the most common ones (it is said about 3000) one by one.
September 21, 2008
most characters of Chinese language are xingshengzi(形声字) which means a word made up with form and sound or with radical part for the meaning and phonetic part for the pronunciation. the fact means you can read or approximatively read the most of commonly-used characters by mastering no more than 300 basical characters. perhaps you can see another post ...
September 28, 2008
to learn alphabet is the first step to learn chinese. when i was a child , there was a song for learnging the alphabet. we all sang this song. Then the teacher taught us some easy characters one by one. Of course , these characters are labeled with pinyin. The function of Pinyin is much more like phonetic symbol's in english. After learned these simple characters ,we were taught phrase. And the teacher asked us to use these phrase to make sentenses. We learn chinese step by step like this . I think it's a good way to buy a chinese book for Grade One of elementary school students . The chracters are very simple in these books, and all the chracters have Pinyin.It's easy for you to learn chinese. I hope this suggestion can be helpfull
September 24, 2008
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