? Truth or Illusion ? Do you think that what can't be seen: doesn't exist ? and should we touch and feel to believe ??
Sep 21, 2008 11:22 PM
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Really I don't believe in this "I have to see to do believe " and the seem as you said ( what can't be seen: doesn't exist ) Let's become logic , I just say some examples and then let you Judge " Did you see you MIND ?? Of course not so are Mad the!! , And also the same with Feelings e.g. Love , Hate / Happiness , Saddness ,.. And what about the Conscience did you see yours!! , What about the Air did you see it , the Electricity,.. And First of all God , we Didn't see God but we believe in him the Almighty which all of the Universe refers to his Greatness , All of this Whole Universe with that Great and accurate system , His TRUE Holy Books which is away of the Corruption , his Messengers and Prophets who sent to Proof the Truth and to guide people ,.. And What you say about the HISTORY did you see all the recent event before you? But we believe in it or Most of it according the true narrations , and so on , So plz try to respect our Minds and get the truth , Thank you ^_^
September 22, 2008
There is no difference between the Religion "TRUE RELIGION OF GOD" and Sciences , I say True Religion which is keeping away of the Corruption of the Man which is Totally from God , I know why there are many people are in this Confussion , As we all know the West become to develop after getting away of the Religion "Christianty" and the Churuch because the religion " the Corruption of the Religion" was in conflict and againist the Sciences , At the Other hand Islam , Muslims begun to retardation after they get away of the Islam!! , We Muslims believe in all Messengers and Prophets of Allah from Adam , Abraham , Moses , and then Jesus and their Holy Books , BUT All of these holy Books are now Full of Corruption , exchanges So Logically you will find Conflicts and Differences in everything Belief , History , and againist Sciences ,.. But in Islam you cant find that at all Cause Islam came with the last and Completed message and God sent his last Prophet with the last Holy Book the Quran and Preseved and saved it from any changes till the day of judgement , not like the Other Holy Books , So you cant find a wrong in just one letter in it , or find that the Sciences , evedences are againist the Quran its Impossible , I hope you all get of this Illusion , Confussion,.. and Getting the Truth , Light , steadiness , and the Guideness. Try to Visit this simple site www.Islam-guide.com and see how that there is no conflict between the Religion "True Religion " and the Sciences , and how is the Truth and Religion remove the illusion Obviously , Assalamu' alikum " Peace be upon you" ^_^
September 22, 2008
I think some people (hesham), are taking the words in the question too directly. "Do you think that what can't be seen: doesn't exist ? and should we touch and feel to believe ??" "What we can see" DOES NOT limit us to our eye (EVERYONE knows you can't see air, you can't see particles etc...), it includes the things that we can observe through experiment and thus prove its existence and perhaps probe further in to see if we can discover 'how' it works. We breath, we live...air is there We can turn on our lights...electricity is there People pray and get no response...God is not there So far there is no arguement, no "story" that you can tell me (I've already heard a million) that will sway me to believe in something I cannot either see with my own eyes or prove through experiment. You say that we can control our minds....that's actually not true around 99.999999....% of the time. Our minds control us. If you are scared and it's dark...you will see a ghost because the mind puts it there. Doesn't mean ghosts exist, your brain created it and made it look real. Our mind can misread situations and make us hallucinate. Sorry, didn't have much time so I rushed this...hope I got my point across. Science -YEY! Religion - NO!
September 22, 2008
Yes, only factual evidence can prove something. Otherwise I might as well claim that there are three flying crosses above my head and that I was sent here by god himself. Prove me wrong. According to your theory I can just say that it can't be seen, but that it is true and therefore you have to believe. Trust me, that's not how it works in the real world.
September 22, 2008
i believe you make reality as touchable as fantasy. The whole concept of physhical objects is the mind. It all about you. The mind is yours to control. It one of the greatest miss understood parts of the body. You can believe in the unphyshical touch of anything and the mind will produce that feeling or touch. Don't always believe that if you can'tt see it, it's not real. You can see it, if you want.
September 22, 2008
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