Asia drinking feast tradition. In Asia, the countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, had the problem of drinking tradition. In the feast, people will toast at you and ask you to drink as much as you can. Most of the time, people suffer from this, but they have no choice but to drink. Drinking a lot in the feast and bottom up means that you pay respect to people, and also show your friendship, working-ability, charming, leadership, etc. But people always omit in private and suffer from stomachache because of excess drinking. There is a saying, the more you drink, the more you success. But the truth is that people who drink much had weight problem, and easy to get goup, aging a lot, and had big belly. Some women and girls also judge the man if he is reliable, charming, and fashionable from his drinking.--Drinking more is better, at least 7 to 9 bottoms of wine in the feast. Is there any one who suffer from the problem and how to solve it. Thank you for your answer.
Sep 22, 2008 6:48 AM
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Just tell everyone that you have a bad stomachache, & you've ever suffered from gastric ulcer caused by wine. BTW, Hongkong isn't an independent country, it's a part of CHINA.
September 22, 2008
lol yes,1 floor is right,pretend having some stomach trouble,but i think few one will believe,thus test ur talent of performance. or say directly that u can't drink,and insist on all through the feast,but i guess no one can't,or else,i think u must be clever and have a sober mind,and can duck out most of the lots of kindness,after the feast,if others drunk,and u still in a waking state,then u win.hehe.........
September 22, 2008
I guess I had met the same problems, as long as we are dealing a lot with the trade. People will test u at the first begining, if you start drinking and then next time, they will let u drink more. what I did is refuse at the first begining, no matter how people say and persuade me. I got a really strict line. and never cross that line. That's my way to solve it. and it does work most of the time.
September 22, 2008
pardon,what can of friendship,leadership,working ability this is. if they sometimes use their brain efficiently they will realise the stupidness. if something & someone hurt/damage us,we have to go to another way,another way in this topic not to drink to much...actually i dont prefer to drink any.
September 25, 2008
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