cheng yang
do you know ? Do you think of why some people walk and drive in the left side ,but other countries rid a car in the right side.Have you ever thought of this phenomenon? Today during the class,the professionor tell us a reason that we walk in the left side at first.But in order to provent high status british from discriminating low status country ,USA ,Japan and so on ,start to walk in the right sides, and some areas which was captured walk in the right side now.haha,is this reason true?
Sep 23, 2008 7:05 AM
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In the past, almost everybody travelled on the left side of the road because that was the most sensible option for feudal, violent societies. Since most people are right-handed, swordsmen preferred to keep to the left in order to have their right arm nearer to an opponent and their scabbard further from him. Moreover, it reduced the chance of the scabbard (worn on the left) hitting other people. Furthermore, a right-handed person finds it easier to mount a horse from the left side of the horse, and it would be very difficult to do otherwise if wearing a sword (which would be worn on the left). It is safer to mount and dismount towards the side of the road, rather than in the middle of traffic, so if one mounts on the left, then the horse should be ridden on the left side of the road. In the late 1700s, however, teamsters in France and the United States began hauling farm products in big wagons pulled by several pairs of horses. These wagons had no driver's seat; instead the driver sat on the left rear horse, so he could keep his right arm free to lash the team. Since he was sitting on the left, he naturally wanted everybody to pass on the left so he could look down and make sure he kept clear of the oncoming wagon’s wheels. Therefore he kept to the right side of the road.
September 23, 2008
I don't know about that but I do know that a "gentleman" will walk on the road side of the footpath with his lady to the other side. This is a carry over from days of old. So that the gentleman can protect the lady from runaway horses. I don't think this would offer much protection from runaway motor vehicles, though.
September 23, 2008
I have something to add to Harregarre's answer. In old England there were competitions of fighting on horseback called jousting. Knights (warriors) would ride on horses towards each other on horses with long, sharp poles called lances. The knight who could hit the other off their horse won. The horses were seperated by a long barrier and the knights rode on the left side so they could use their lance with their right (stronger) arm. If both knights fell off their horses then the knights would fight with swords. This was often to prove who would be better in battle. The idea of riding horses on the left side,to fight with the right hand, is a very old idea. Of course I do not intend to shoot guns out of a car's window just because I would drive on the left... ^_^
September 23, 2008
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