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> To fall in love for someone by web?! Hello! I noticed that italki have many questions about different subjects, but I had curiosity of questions about love... Many peoples want to flirt someone and not "to teach language", but my question is: > Do you believe that you can to fall in love for someone that you don't know? > You never see the real people and you to fall in love?! Sorry but it for me is very funny and quite so fool! I don't believe that it can be possible!
Sep 23, 2008 12:02 PM
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Actually I belive you can. And this is why. I met my fianceeover the internet and we talked for a year and started going out we have never even seen eachother.. a year later i went to where he lived and we met up with eachother...now were engaged and im pregnant with twins. so yes i belive you can.. but if its just something where you noly know the person for like 2 days and your already in love then maybe not so much...
September 23, 2008
:) many people do fall in love in web, there are many stories like that. It is probably easy, especially for the lonely people. You see the bright side of the person - a nice photo, nice chatting, no daily routine, etc. plus your imagination, you may start thinking he/she is an angel :)
September 23, 2008
i believe that it`s possible.. because also i falled in love with a person on the web. actually i knew him by a friend, by him i met with a other boy on msn.. we talked maybe about a half year, everyday we spoke with eachother.. later we start love.. and more later we dissided to met with eachother. when i saw him in real it wasn`t really a different.. still the same. and on internet, like a example msn.. you only can talk so you will get to know eachother very well. anyway still we loving to much, and also we are engaged now. again.., yes i believe it`s possible!
September 23, 2008
i dont believe in such E-LOVERS. You can not be sure about even the one whom you met face to face so how can we believe in the ones whom we have never met. just NONSENSE i think. and also i fullly agree with Ana about the BIRGHT SIDE.
September 23, 2008
Niko, this question was asked before and not once. Somewhere I also answered it but I don't remember where is it. Look this: http://www.italki.com/answers/question/31469.htm http://www.italki.com/answers/question/28561.htm http://www.italki.com/answers/question/27383.htm etc As for me, I believe in love by web. I don't have such experience but I believe in it whereas talking over skype is used and follow-up date. If you never saw (by photos at least) or never heard a person you can't love her/him.
September 23, 2008
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