Is it possible for a foreigner to speak English like the way native speakers do?? I've been learning English for about 5 years. Most of the native speakers i've ever talked to said i sound like an American. Once i said "thank you " to a guy from New zealand and he was surprised : thank you? that's not a compliment! It's funny that people from different nations judge American accent in such different ways. I personally don't really care about the accent stuff as long as it's pure and sound good.And it's really not my choice to decide which accent i can take up when i was at the very beginning. However, i want to ask: is it possible for me to speak the language in the way that native speakers do? I'm good at imitating people's accents.(that's what i'm worried about: my accent is kind of weird,it's combined with the north/south/east/west American accent). Can anyone explain this to me? Thank you.
Sep 23, 2008 2:41 PM
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A language is a means of conveying messages. As long as you are understood then then it doesn't really matter about accents or any other minor thing. To be honest I hear or read a lot of broken English with friends and extended family but the message is usually clear. I don't worry about word order, accents, dialects or anything like that unless it changes the message and I am confused. It is definately possible for a non-native speaker to sound like a native speaker but it usually takes a long time so please be patient. Good luck with your accent and finally I would like to say that in Thailand I sound like a native speaker after a few days, but I also sound like a 5-year old, because I lack vocabulary.
September 23, 2008
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