Bella Mera
What is the thing which changed your life? some times we find our selves going through a period of killer routine and feel that the time pass so slowly anf feel so poring with doing the same things every day then suddenly appear something in your life which turn your life from the top to the bottome and gives your life meaning and pourpose and makes you think and live differently . and now what is the thing which changed your life? is it a book that you read or someone you love or love relationship which failed or dying of someone dear for you or ..........?
Sep 23, 2008 7:17 PM
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The islam religion this in my opinion
September 24, 2008
Hi Marli, I think the day I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (folicullar) which has no cure. Since that day life has taken on a whole new meaning. When I wake up each day I try to make the most of that day. I try to make people laugh and tell all the people I know that I love them and I seem to enjoy life much more than I did before, I'm just very grateful!! Norman
September 24, 2008
Nice question "marli" let me share my personal experience with you ! One day .. I was coming back from middle school tht time , & I had a very bad mark, my cell phone & my money were stolen (so I couldn't take the bus) & it was raining tht day ... I remember: tht I had a horribe headache .. It was 6 PM & no one outside because of the cold wether, In tht silence; I was sitting in some corner like a statue when the picture of my grand-mum who passed away turned in my mind .. actually I start crying for about 20min??!! then I saw a monster(hehe) .. a very old man with one left leg & one right hand walking with crutches :-((((( .. he was like a skeleton .. looked like a beggar because of it's cloths .. when he was near to me I felt like I'm dying :-p .. he looked at me in my eyes, smiled & went!! how some (almost) dead person like him can smile & I'm waiting death here ? he really taught me tht we hav to fight to stay alive & not just giving up in the first exam !! -It's a true story & I'll never ever forget tht lesson :-)
September 23, 2008
Knowledge.. Day by day when sorrow was found..
September 24, 2008
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