Does anybody know how to speak Italian. If so can you tell me some words and make sure to translate them plz.
Sep 25, 2008 3:10 AM
Answers · 4
Why don't you try to get the basics at this site: the site includes pronounciation and post casts, videos and songs for you to get familiarized with the language. Some words i know Ciao-Hi Come stai?-How are you Bene-Good Grazie-Thanks Prego-You're welcome e Tu/Lei?-and you? Che ora è?-What time is it Quanti anni hai-How old are you? Qual è il tuo nome?-What's your name? Buon compleanno-Happy birthday Capisco-I understand Non capisco-I don't understand Sí-yes No-No Arrivederci-Goodbye
September 28, 2008
Some words for you: "ciao" is hallo, "Come stai" is "how are you", "come ti chiami?" is " what's your name?" "grazie" is "thankyou"
September 27, 2008
Hallo! I am Italian and Ithink I know...... we can talk, my skype contact is linoros Ciao!
September 27, 2008
Hi Vivien, your question is not clear: could you explain what do you need exactly?
September 26, 2008
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