i should say :why most of my friend on the italki don't to talk to me ? i am a student who is studing arabic and english, and i want to have many good friends to communicate these languages .but why most of them don't like to talk with me? is there anything i have done fauls? i don't know why it to be like this.but i am sure i really want to be your friends.believe me i can make it.just give me a chance.
Sep 25, 2008 3:24 AM
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Hi, Wave. I have read your question and browsed your own profile carefully. You do have a lot of friends. But at the same time, I can not seem to find out more about you from your profile page. No introduction about yourself and no photo. On italki, we should let other members know who we are first. I know some really popular members on italki. They have a lot of good and active friends on italki. They helped the community and other members with questions. Maybe you can try to be more active and leave your comments on friends blackboard, answer or post more question. This will help show other people more about you. They will like you when they get to know more about you.
September 25, 2008
hi wave .. here on italki i have just 16 friends .. but all time i talk with them .. they help me ..also me ..i help them .. if i have some files or books to learn english ..already ..i send it for them .. for that .. if they see me online ..they want talk with me .. what i am try to say it : Don't be a persone just take does not give anything .. Be active ... if u do it that .. you'll see u friends just wants talk with u ..
October 1, 2008
hiiiiiiii hehe sorrry for heard that but i think not only feel that or fase this my be the persone who talk with u has the same feeling u know that coz u say n he speak anther lanuage so u or he any way feel bored quikly but that in frist times u only try with meny n meny but not for long time...only few meny .. so u willnot feel bored also will talk....n improve ur arabic
September 29, 2008
Wave , You are already my friend sweetie :)
September 26, 2008
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