How could I reply the questions from AMYRALAYLA? :) sorry, it seems not a serious question, but I failed to reply her privately, because only her contacts can leave msg to her, or probably because I'm not a woman =) :) here we go my terrible italian... alla banca, non si trova un segnale per classificare i sportelli, ne anche un information point. i 10 min che avevo perso, solo perche' ci eranno altri clienti davanti di me, come ho capito che non devo fare nulla di brutta, se c'è un ordine. PS: due to the functional limitation, I can't reply your questions under the root of my own question. if you have any doubt on me, please feel free to contact me directly, it's not difficult to start a conversation with me. buondì a tutti!
Sep 25, 2008 9:34 PM
Answers · 2
It’s her choice to talk only with females, because lots of males are really trouble-makers .Especially their First-sight love, and funny proposals! It sucks really! There are 3 ways to send her a message -if she disabled messages from non-friend member -I guess: 1st (it's simple): send her a friendship request, there you can type your message or answer. So, even if she declines you'll be sure that she read it. 2nd: send a message to one of her contacts, asking her to transmit your message. 3rd one: which is Evil, and I don’t advice you to do it at all: Create an account pretending that you are a female, this way she'll answer! But, you’ll be kicked out if she discover, hahaha P.S. Why don’t you look for another one? At least there are hundreds of Italian speakers!
September 25, 2008
Hi Winsin83, for me too, was impossible to answer your kind post on my blackboard due to your choice to limit the access to your site. I use this occasion to thank u for your kindness. In order to the Amyralayla’s answer I think she told u, in short, about Italian habits. Nobody will complain if u don’t queue for asking where u have to …queue. In general u are right when u say that there is no great customer care in the Italian banking. I agree with u. The Italians banks were public till a few years ago and in Italy there is not a deep culture of the market, in any field previously owned by the state. We have to work a lot to reach high levels of service to the customers. Meanwile I can tell u that in Italy there are a lot of industries customers oriented that are at the top ranks in the world. You, living in Italy, should be more used to Italian habits like we Italians should be used to the habits of the countries where we choice to live or to visit. Have a nice stay in Italy 
September 25, 2008
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