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U.S. financial crisis, what do you think? What are the causes? Is it serious? Is it in the interests of poor people in the world?
Sep 25, 2008 11:50 PM
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Well. You see, the cause is the real estate sub-credit crisis happened in US last year. The sub-credit loans are targeted to those people don't have enough funds and have bad credit records, usually these people can't get loan from banks. But several years ago US wanted to improve its economy development and banks lowered the crition of sub-credit. So they can earn more money. But when the real estate market fell, the interests rose up, many people could not pay money back, so banks suffered great losses. Many of them went bankrupt..And after that...blablabla. Became now what you see:) Of course it is serious, now it became a globe crisis. I think the impact on those people with low incomes is not big. The really victims are those people who are investigators especially on real estates.
September 26, 2008
USA will be Weaker than before, not in 2 days but on the long term. The world's economic poles with change, and we will watch another crisis’. Capitalism is no longer efficient against such challenges; rather find a new definition to avoid the collapse. All what we have to do is, damning the guys who caused it, and pray for the pitiful Americans who will pay more taxes. Enjoy Life ;-)
September 26, 2008
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