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Could you help me translate? The text is: "Il y a pourtant une valeur bien vivante qu'aucun sarcasme, aucun terrorisme intellectuel n'est parvenu à entamer: c'est le couple". I would translate it as: "But there is a well alive value that no sarcasm, no intellectual terrorism has managed to harm: that is the couple". Is it correct? I would like to confirm the meaning of 1) pourtant = but 2) aucun = no, nobody, nothing (but, shouldn't it be used in negative?? Is there another meaning for this word?) 3) entamer = harm. Is that it? Merci beaucoup!
Sep 26, 2008 5:17 PM
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"And yet, there is a truly living worth that no derision, no intimidiation has managed to undermine: It's the couple"
October 1, 2008
pourtant is an adverb wich is mean "though or yet" aucun mean (no body): here is some meanings for "aucun" aucun des étudiants none of the students sans aucun doute undoubtedly , without a sous aucun prétexte under no circumstances n’avoir aucun scrupule à … have no qualms about … ne voir aucun mal à not see any harm in cela n’a aucun rapport avec la situation that has no bearing on the situation en aucun cas under no circumstances il n’y a aucune raison there is no reason, there isn’t any reason à aucun prix absolutely not d’aucuns some (people) i hope it will help you
September 28, 2008
Hello, I would say it is a possible translation but when translating you always have to make choices since there rarely is an exact translation. "entamer" can also mean "to begin", but not in this context. Regards
September 27, 2008
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