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Ramdan are going to end and!!!!!! Iam sad as ramdan will over and all good action which people do in it will go with ramdan all kindness all love which was happened between people will go so why we donot continue on good actions and help others why?I ask why we donot continue as love and kind found on our hearts.....
Sep 26, 2008 10:10 PM
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I hope i will survive to live the next RAMADHAN because i wanna win more and more .. now, the month is going.. i hope from Allah forgiveness .. God, i am just a poor slave of you .. let me be a good man and give me power to work hard until my death and get paradise and meet my father inchallah, and our love, Mohamad, The last prophet !
September 27, 2008
ramadan is a month of mercy and forgivness and every one wants to invest this month more than any month and they find many time to help also the normal day the time is very short and we cant help alot of people because we addicate or time for working but i think if u try to help people in normal day the (hasanat)will be alot because we specified a time for that
September 27, 2008
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