I'm planning to teach English in China, any good suggestions on where? Please provide information, thanks
Sep 27, 2008 6:28 AM
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(Hello~stephen.I've never chatted with you before but i'm looking forward I think it depends on these several following questions that you need to answer: 1.What's your purpose of coming to China and teach English here?To know more about the real Chinese culture or simply want to change a place to stay and associate with people from different backgrounds?(if the first, i suggest you to come to the small cities in China, like Fuzhou, Xiamen etc,because they are less influenced by the western atmosphere and cultural,hence they are closer to the real chinese society. If the second, cities like Beijing and Shanghai would be a good choice..but it's almost like living in Newyork..expensive,stressed and competitive, more international and more amusement.) 2.How about your educational qualifications? In some small cities in China, any normal English native speakers can come and be a teacher due to the lack of native speakers, and i'm sorry to mention this but some of them are just trash~! If you are well-educated and want to associate with people who are nice and knowledgeble, i suggest you to go to an University in China. 3.It's ok to know some about the way we chinese people associate with other people but i hope you can stay just the way you are and don't be chinesenized(lol,i invented that word myself ..just like don't be westerNIZED~!hahaha) The same with your accent, just talk like talking with ur friends in America, i feel sad to find most native speakers are speaking to the chinese in a chinglish way, they choose the words that can be understood by chinese students here.but the point isP:we need to learn real english~! Please add me on MSN :[email protected] if you want to have a further talk on this or anything else. Hope what i've said is helpful to you. Mia
September 27, 2008
may be you Can go to university ,To be a Foreign Language Professor Or Set up an English language classes.
September 27, 2008
There is a famouse English-learning school whose name is Beijing New Oriental.It is in Beijing ,I think you should go there!May gold bless you!
October 4, 2008
you can teach in anywhere of China...because China welcome you!
October 3, 2008
maybe my university,Henan normal University,we do not have so many teachers from abroad ,they are needed for conversational enlish class and writing class
October 1, 2008
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