Would you share some jokes with me? Because of different cultures, jokes might not be jokes for foreigners, would you share some good jokes with me? A good joke I've heard: 一隻駱駝獨自在沙漠裡走著,遇見了仙人掌,駱駝問:「仙人掌,你在做什麼?」仙人掌答:「我在針灸,那你呢?」駱駝說:「我在拔罐呢!」(A camel walks in the desert alone and met a cactus, camel asks: "what are you doing, cactus?" Cactus answers: "I am doing acupuncture, and you?" Camel answers: "I am doing cupping."
Sep 28, 2008 6:10 AM
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I've heard an English joke online that "a woman who just lost her husband, after the funeral she talked with her friend that she was broken now. Her friend asked" what do you mean you are broken now? I thought you've got fifty thousand dollars." She responded "Yes, I spent fifteen thousand dollars for the funeral, and the rest thirty five thousand for a memorial stone" Her friend said "Wow! That must be a big stone, isn't it!? how big is it?" She held up her finger and said" three and half karats"
September 28, 2008
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