Please help me ????????????????????????? 1 - i need links to learn the French language . 2 - i need to know the best group (CD-ROM ) to assist in the correct pronunciation of the French language . 3_ best vernacular language dictionary French. 4 - site includes short stories French. thanks
Sep 28, 2008 8:44 AM
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may allah help you !!
September 29, 2008
Al Salam, The guys above gave you many links; I think that you can find millions just by using these two keywords in Google: learn French i advice you to work with audio-books(mp3 +PDF ) like "Assimil”, “Pimsleur“.you can download ‘em via torrents. Also you can find many podcasts, try ‘em they really help. Dictionary: you can use online dictionaries, just type the word you want its meaning + “meaning” in Google, and you’ll get a plenty of links. Always keep in mind this: Languages is for communication, so if you don’t practice you’ll forget faster than you learnt. French is harder than English, so be ready for the fight and your weapons will be: Patience, burning desire, a good memory, uncle Google, a nice dictionaries (the best ones I’ve used: oxford & Harrap's for French-English; المنجد, المنهل for French-Arabic) Good Luck
September 29, 2008
hi...i'm learning english and i speak french very well so i think i can help you and you can also help me anyway i'll send you many links
September 28, 2008
Salam Rym, I have found your request few minutes ago, with my daughter I use CD for learning the alphabet, and conversation, it is very interesting, I can send you some if you want. Try these site if they are not interesting I will check for you others: www.lexiquefle.free.fr www.francaisfacile.com 123cours.com You can ask my wife when you speak with her to help you, she is very good at French too. Fi Riayati Allah. Sincerely Mohammed
September 28, 2008
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