what is the meaning of " canzione"????
Sep 28, 2008 10:19 AM
Answers · 2
Cherry is right, maybe you want to say "canzone" that means song to be more precise 1 - song: canzone popolare, folk song; autore di canzoni, songwriter; festival della canzone, song festival 2 (letter.) canzone; lyric poem: canzone a ballo, ballade; canzone di gesta, chanson de geste (franc.); le canzoni di Dante, Dante's canzoni 3 (fig.: cosa ripetuta) story; tune: È sempre la solita canzone!, it's always the same old story!
September 30, 2008
there may be a spellling mistake, it is similar as "canzone" which means song in italian
September 28, 2008
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