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where did u go for holiday? What is your favorite country and city for holiday?
Sep 28, 2008 5:23 PM
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for this summer i went to Istanbul in turky , it is a very beautiful city with many historical places , and i want to visit a lot of places in the future , like China to see the Great Wall of China, and many other countries :)
September 29, 2008
I went to germany ( to Nürnberg, Mannheim and Dusseldorf ) It was pretty cool. The '' Holiday Park '' in Mannheim was great. If I had a chance to go abroad again, I'd be glad to go to Bosnia and Herzegowina (to Sarajevo & Mostar ) :D Bosnia fascinates me.. I dont know why but I'm addicted to it xD
September 29, 2008
I've never been abroad ;-( And, like a lot of Americans, I can't afford to go to another city for vacation (unless it's nearby). I lived in San Francisco for six months of this year...I guess you could say that was like a was lovely. I'd been there before to visit, but had never lived there. I love learning the ways of a place and becoming a "local". :-))
September 29, 2008
for holidays i visited tunisia...a very beautiful countrie
September 28, 2008
Pariiis...! :D Paris centre of the world, Paris marlou aux yeux des filles, Paris the magical and cruel, Paris the city I've discovered I belong to...
September 30, 2008
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