what does "well-interests" mean in this sentence? what does "well-interests" in this sentence? especially the "well" here. thank you. Immigration policy in a rich country often excludes immigrants without asking what such a policy will do to the well-interests of people who want to migrate from the poorer country to the rich country.
Sep 29, 2008 3:06 PM
Answers · 2
Hi, I've never heard the term "well-interests" before and it doesnt seem to be in any of the (very thick!) dictionaries that i own :=). I'm pretty sure it's not a word used in Standard English. From the context of the passage I'd say that the best word to use in this situation and probably what the writer was going for is "WELFARE". Welfare refers to the general health or happiness of something. For example......The mother was interested in the welfare of the child. In your example, the writer is trying to convey the idea that policy makers should consider more carefully how immigration changes the happiness or prosperity (welfare!) of immigrants compared to when they lived in their country of origin Hope thats clear :=) Oz
September 29, 2008
I think they mean "best interests."
September 30, 2008
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