write ur favorite songs
Sep 29, 2008 11:47 PM
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To stay in the spirit of previous posts: "Imagine" by John Lennon, "God" by John Lennon, "Losing my religion" by R.E.M., "Black Cloud" by Roy Harper, "Bad Religion" by Atheist Peace, "Dear God" by XTC, "Opiate" by Tool, "Jesus thinks you're a jerk" by Frank Zappa, "In heaven there is no beer", and "Cake" by Comfort Eagle.
September 30, 2008
For me I have many but I'd like to Name them Anasheeds not Songs I love most of Mashari Rashed Al Afasy works e.g. ليس الغريبُ Las Al Gharbu Makes me Cry , طلع البدر علينا Tala' Al Bardu Alena , شفيع الخلائق Shafi Al Khaliq,.. For Ahmed Bu khatir e.g. Last Breath , Forgive me , زوجتي Zawjaty , لسوف أعودٌ يا أٌمي La Sawf A'adu ya Omi ,.. And Love A Nasheed "Allah Knows " For Zain Bhikha and Dawud whrinspy , "Not afraid to Stand alone " for Native Deen , And Zamloni for Both Native Deen and Zain Bhikha , Most of Sami Yusuf's songs in both of his Alpums e.g. Mu'alim , The Loved One , My Ummah , Free , Muhammed , Try not to Cry , Eid Song ,.. And for Yusuf Islam e.g. " A/ Alif for Allah ,Peace train , Ramadhan Moon , I look I see ,.. And many ....
September 30, 2008
in fact i have to ....first " free" for sami yusuf ....and " father and sun " for islam yusuf or cat steven :)
September 29, 2008
i 0nly have one all time fav0rite s0ng "cl0se t0 you" by the carpenters have y0u watch the m0vie?
September 30, 2008
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