is crying something wrong? when u r travelling away from ur family and best frinds or the people who love u and love him and u will leave him for long time is crying here something defect?
Oct 1, 2008 1:09 PM
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Crying is just another emotion. It's extremely old-fashioned thinking to think crying wrong, so open your eyes to the 21st century, please. :-)
October 1, 2008
hmmmmm REALLY crying is abless from allah without it we wonot live when you cry you feel that all sadness inside you go away but really I am without my friends here I know you will cry when you go away from person you love him alot but think with me when you crying thats will make them or who you will let worst and will be afraid alooot I know crying will come without your well but you should try to let them with asmile they will be more comfortable and you will cry after that when you miss them!!! thats bad thing so never never let people who love you v-perise!!
October 1, 2008
If you cried for a person u missed him or family .. This is not a defect never.. This shows you are a good person and you care about the people who you love .. But Plz Dont think never if u cry for missed some one that mean defect ..
October 1, 2008
Why do you have to suppress your emothions ?!!! Cry when you feel that you wanna cry. Laugh when you feel that you wanna laugh. Do whatever you wanna do as long as you express your feelings.
October 3, 2008
it is definitely not!!! someday when i had to leave my family for my education i cried like a child. but one of my friends teased me upon my crying.i just ignored him and go on crying.the ones thinking crying as something wrong are simply lacking emotion and most probably are manly(thinking crying is not for men).and most think crying is a symbol of weakness while it is not.it s a simple reaction of humanbeing.
October 1, 2008
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