A question about tones... Hi to all! I'm Italian, and I'm a beginner student of chinese language. I would ask you a question: how much important is the very correct pronunciations of tones in conversations? I study on a "Chinese for Italians" book and in the attached CD I've note that when the speaker pronunciate single words she read tones perfectly, while in dialogues some of them are discarded. Many thanks, Ciao
Oct 1, 2008 2:25 PM
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I think tones are pretty important for a beginner who learns chinese. You should try to speak more chinese with chinese people and ask them to point out your mistake of tones.It maybe the most effective way to learn chinese quickly.
October 2, 2008
ciao ! pronunciation is very important indeed,especilly you are a beginner,you should require yourself to pay a tention to all the words you know seriously,if you don't ,it might be has a bad effect on your chinese study,since you can't change your incorrect pronunciation afterward
October 2, 2008
Ciao! Michele In dialogues,we didn't use the very correct pronunciations of tones When we speak with each other ,the pronunciations of tones will not very important. I konw many forigners can't speak Chinese use very correct pronunciations of tones. Because it's too hard to make every sound very correct when U speak sentence.....
October 1, 2008
hello, michele or ciao, there are some ideas of mine... first of all, proper pronunciation is very important for beginners in learning any kind of languages. secondly, there surely are some principles of changing tones in chinese. but sorry to say i can't sum them up to you for my bad foundation of my mother language. finally, my advice is to try your best to follow the video/audio attached on your text books.
October 1, 2008
well,i think it's just the same case in learning english when i listen to single words,the pronouciation is clear but when it comes to sentences,the tones maybe faster,and enable to learn the tones throughly,i think there's no shortcut,u should listen more and just imitate the native speakers,and then after long time of practise,u'll get to understand or even speak out urself
October 3, 2008
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