[Deactivated user]
Do you want learn English from me? i am well in English.I want to learn Korean.I can teach english any body can help me in Korean so we can exchange language to learn more
Oct 1, 2008 5:22 PM
Answers · 4
and I am wating for ur email dont opset me
October 7, 2008
Ya, I learn english from u. ([email protected]) this is my id plz send ur comments to my id ok
October 7, 2008
it's ok you have a teacher korean teacher congratulation
October 6, 2008
Hi, I'm Korean and live in Seoul Korea, aged 36 male. Level of english is intermediate or higher than that but fluent. I would like to be fluent in english. I would like to exchange language with you. If you ok, please contact to me by e-mail([email protected])
October 6, 2008
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