what is the difference between: zu, nach, ins? Wohin fahren Sie? Sie fahren zum Flughafen. Wann kommst du nach Hause? Ich komme um 5 nach Hause. Wann fährst du ins Restaurant? Ich fahre um 6 ins Restaurant. In those three sentences, would there be a difference in the meaning if I replace either one with the others??
Oct 3, 2008 6:46 PM
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One should not say: "Ich fahre INS Restaurant", instead it should be "Ich fahre ZUM Restaurant". "ins = in das" means "into", and I hope no one drives his car INTO a restaurant ;o) Of course it is common to say "Ich GEHE ins Restaurant", meaning you also enter the restaurant. Otherwise it must be "ich fahre / gehe ZUM restaurant (may be you will not enter as you find the prices displayed at the entrance to high).
October 4, 2008
No, you can't replace it with the others. There are different groups of destinations: Nein, du kannst sie nicht austauschen. Es gibt verschiedene Gruppen von Zielen: zum Flughafen - zur Post - zur Bank - zum Arzt - zu meiner Schwester - zur Schule to the airport - to the post office - to the bank - to the physician - to my sister's - to school (in most cases: for a special purpose) nach Hause - nach Hamburg - nach Italien coming/going home - to Hamburg - to Italy (in most cases: to a fixed location/city/country) ins (/in das) Restaurant - in Urlaub - ins Hotel - in die Schule to the restaurant - on vacation/holiday - to the hotel - to the school (in most cases: into a building) Ich gehe zur Schule = I go to school/study Ich gehe in die Schule = I go to the school (into the building)
October 3, 2008
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