What do you mean exactly by "HOME,SWEET HOME"?
Oct 5, 2008 10:10 AM
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Home,Sweet Home means that a building made by using bricks n cement is called house but the people who abode that building makes it a home by there Love n' Affection.So a house becomes sweet home by the presence of family members.They share eveything under the same roof.They share there sorrow n' joy together under the same roof.SWEET MEMORIES MAKE A HOME SWEET.
October 6, 2008
"Home" is more than just a house where you live. It's family, friends, community, local customs and foods, knowing shortcuts to the market, knowing where to get the best prices, being able to give strangers directions, everything that makes it unique to YOU. If you go away for a long time that warm feeling you get when you return is you thinking, "Ahhhh, I'm back home, Home sweet Home".
October 5, 2008
Home, Sweet Home (Foyer, doux foyer) ou bien (Maison, sucrée maison) est une locution traditionnelle anglo-saxonne évoquant la Douceur du foyer domestique où nous y retrouvons : Confort Moral, Entente, Tendresse et Confiance mutuelle.
October 5, 2008
actually ,i don't know the answer exactlly ,but i know the meaning . specific content , according to the environmetn i think
October 5, 2008
In a family wife and husband live in understsnding with eachother that brings sweetness in home.Is it ot HOme sweet home
October 5, 2008
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