Please, a recommendation of a well presented pinyin to hanzi converting site I already found some but with a poor format, if anyone one knows a site that has got both a dictionary ( English/Mandarine *pinyin*) or (German/Mandarine*pinyin*) and a converter to hanzi at the same time ; that would be better . A distinctively colored format would be an asset. Thanks for your help in advance :)
Oct 5, 2008 1:25 PM
Answers · 4 C/E Dictionary (online) DimSum ChineseTools (Java)
October 5, 2008
yeah. the chinese dictionary is good to you!
October 10, 2008
Hi, I hope that I can help your Chinese. Chinese dictionary website: Actuall, there are much more dictionary on the website.
October 6, 2008
so far i know, there's no a website match you, as pinyin is a multi-format type,you can't translate into another directly.
October 5, 2008
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