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how do u feel with love?when she/he break up with you one day
Oct 5, 2008 3:15 PM
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you have to understand your life is the most important thing you have, so don't waste it for a girl who you don't know whether she wants you or not, I wonder if she wants you because if she was in love with you she wouldn't let you be depressed and hopeless now. some people may blame me but try to find a new girl friend because if one day she leaves you, you'll only have yourself to blame. remember that nobody can do anything for you that day and you are the only person who has lost the game
October 7, 2008
its a learning language site,no dating site
October 6, 2008
that moment will tell u that watever u had will no lasts for forever ........... u still thinks that watever happend is good or u shuld not have done this coz the person whom ur breaking up was the person whom u spent ur most memorable moments of ur life & within a second all those moments will flash backs in front of u. & u still find ur self stndn lonely without ur partner................ thnkng will she again or u have done a wrng thng by breaking upppppppp.
October 5, 2008
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