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Is it correct, 'I can make PPTs and Words in the IT class'? PPT and Word are made by Microsoft Company. PPT refers to powerpoint presentation while Word is a software where we write or edit some files. So can I say 'I can make PPTs and Words in the IT class'? Thank you!
Dec 26, 2015 5:24 AM
Answers · 7
Or, 'I can use Powerpoint and Word in IT'.
December 26, 2015
No - we would say 'make/create a Word document'. For powerpoint, we tend to call the individual pages 'slides' , and a complete set of them a 'presentation'. "I am going to give a Powerpoint presentation tomorrow on the new product line, but I need to edit a couple of the slides."
December 26, 2015
You should say 'PowerPoint' not 'PPT'. Also, you can say that you can 'use Word' (as in using the software) or can 'make Word documents'. "I can make PowerPoints and Word documents in my IT class.
December 26, 2015
Normal use is what others have said. In some of my classes in college the teacher might have used shorthand like ppt and docs a in an outline but will say "powerpoint presentation" or "word document/ a document" in speaking. Students might use shorthand too in note-taking in a class so they can keep up in a lecture about things that are being discussed. Nurses use shorthand sometimes for notes for work like PT for physical therapy. This makes it easier to carry a sheet with shorthand compared to a notebook for patients' care instructions. It then can be communicated easily then to the next nurse coming to take over the shift or shift changes during the patient's stay.
December 26, 2015
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