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what are the meaning of "مورد ...قرار گرفتن" and مورد ...قرار دادن hi guys, can someone tell me what are the meaning of "مورد ...قرار گرفتن" and مورد ...قرار دادن in enlish? also can you make two sentence with these two phrase respectively? thanks!
Dec 26, 2015 12:34 PM
Answers · 12
مورد ... قرار دادن is a compound verb which may have different meanings according to the verb you put in the space between. Its general meaning is like to be referring by an act. Like when you say: مورد خطاب قرار دادن it means like you are talking to someone and referring to him or her. Another example is like مورد تشویق قرار دادن that means to clap or applaud for someone. In one word, you may say this is part of a compound verb that its exact meaning strongly depends on the empty space part (...) and it is referring the object of the sentence by an act that is expressed in the verb you put in the empty part. Good question, well-done. Keep up the good work!
December 26, 2015
این افعال رو میشه خیلی جاها استفاده کرد. کاش میگفتین این جملات رو کجا دیدین؟ مثلا این جملات رو داریم مورد آزار قرار دادن. مورد تهاجم قرار دادن. مورد سرزنش قرار دادن( to blame sb) یا چیزی رو جایی قرار دادن = to put sth in a place (but it`s formal ) من کتابم رو در کتابخانه قرار دادم مورد بازجویی قرار گرفتن .=to be investigated ( because of a crime or because you are a suspect.) مورد شماتت قرار گرفتن ( to be blamed ) but i hope you share the context then i can clearly tell you how to use these verbs. i hope it`s useful.
December 26, 2015
nevisande dar moghadameye ketab be shoma miguyad ke AZ in ketab dar tamame zavayaye zendegiye khod estefade KONID. I rewrote your sentence above and changed to a simpler sentence. In my idea in these cases, saying or writing the phrase "morede estefade gharar dahid" is a little more formal than "estefade konid". But both of them refer to the verb "to use". Good luck.
December 27, 2015
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