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how to understand the meaning of “plus de” ? I used to learn that “plus de” means "more and more" in english. however, when i see a song today which has a line of "Tout s'endort, plus de bruit". according to the context, i think the singer want to express the meaning of "no more noise“. this makes me confused. dose “plus de” have more than just one meaning? how to distinguish them? merci d'avance!!!
Dec 26, 2015 4:05 PM
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for the word "plus", if the final s is heard then it is positive je veux pluS de livres = I want more books pluS d'argent = more money on the other hand, if the S is silent, it is the negative form :) il y n' a plus d'argent, there is no more money
December 26, 2015
In fact , plus has 2 meanings , you can ses the différence when you say it , you will pronounce "pluss" when it's more but "plu" when it's finish (il ni en a plus ). You can also see the difference in the text or the sentence where the word is used, it isn't very difficult :)
December 26, 2015
yes, you are right: Il N'a plus d'argent: he has NO more money (there is a negative here !) Il a plus d'argent que son frère: he has MORE money than his brother so...... plus de bruit, is short for: Il n'ya plus de bruit also: more and more would translate as de plus en plus. you can also check:
December 26, 2015
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