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Hugo Bastos
"иметь" vs. "у меня есть" Hello! In Russian, when do you use the verb "иметь"? It seems that all of the time people use "у меня есть" and "у меня нет" and say that using "иметь" sounds weird... when do you use it? thank you :)
Dec 26, 2015 6:41 PM
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Иметь is more formal and is closer to "to possess". Sometimes it is interchangeable with "у ... есть", but usually, у меня есть/ у меня нет is more appropriate than иметь. В налоговой декларации он указал, что имеет недвижимость во Франции. In his tax return he claimed that he had a property in France. (had = possessed) Иметь may also be a part of idiomatic/ stable expressions: Я ничего не имею против - I don't mind (lit. I have nothing against). Она имела привычку громко смеяться. She had a habit to laugh out loud.
December 26, 2015
The usage of the word 'иметь'
December 26, 2015
More often needs to use a form У меня есть У него есть У нас есть and others
December 27, 2015
Hugo Bastos
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