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さちうすえ? Lately in a sketch I saw that a character called さちうすえ was translated as "Unlucky Woman." Is there a backstory such as another story, and if so which? Any responses are appreciated, thanks!
26 Ara 2015 20:55
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It comes from an adjective; さち(が)うすい [幸が薄い], which means "unlucky" and literally 幸[luck] 薄い[weak]. xxえ as a name is traditional for female; e.g. やすえ、かずえ、きみえ、のぶえ,etc. These two things are combined; さちうすい + xxえ --> さちうすえ. The name leads people to imagine that the character is unlucky and female. ------------------- Incidentally; Similarly, xxこ is also a traditional female name; e.g. やすこ、かずこ、きみこ、のぶこ、etc. Therefore, さちうすこ also makes sense. If the character is male, the xxえ part could be replaced by xxお which is a traditional name for male; やすお,かずお,たかお,etc. This makes さちうすお. ------------------ Essentially, real Japanese names have the same idea, although they have various meanings. For example, やす+え [安(peaceful)+恵(full)].
27 Aralık 2015
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