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风光和景色具体有什么区别? 看字典这两个词的意思是一样的。请问,这两个词在意思与用法上有什么区别? 谢谢
Dec 26, 2015 9:04 PM
Answers · 7
两者区别很大, 景色:only refer to the sightseeing, the whole view you see presented by envoirnment , a certain place, as a picture \ 风光:it can refer to the concrete sightseeing present by a certain place, (usually a great and wonderful 景色)also, it can and mostly refer to the abstract concept, it is a kind of feeling that you towards sth, And it can be used as a adjective; for example: a. 这儿的风光真好。 this is similar to the meaning of "这儿的景色真好", however, the first sentence includes a wider aspects or sometimes only refer to the natrual elements like sunshine, air, color,etc are very amply and rich. b, 您真风光。 means you are really someone, you have something that could be rich, powerful and so on, which people are very envy you, or respect you. 风光, is a very wide-used word; if you intrest in it, you can try to find out what are the meaning of these words: 风光大葬 风风光光 I hope this can help you.
December 27, 2015
意思非常相近, 风光泛指大自然的scenery, 而景色特指独特的具体的scenery.
December 27, 2015
i tell you :景色use in scene 风光sometime can also use in scene but in china chinese people use 风光when someone is out of the limelight sarah ,Iwant to make a friend with you can u accept me ?
December 16, 2016
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