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Have the men the same value in the world that the women ? When you travel in a ship and this swanp, the people always safe first the children and women. When I was a boy see that in Titanic movie, then I thought, in a few years if I will in a ship and this swanp is most probable that I die that a woman. What do you think ?
Dec 27, 2015 12:26 AM
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The rule "women and children first" is not followed any more. Wikipedia notes that it "has no basis in maritime law." It was practiced in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It became well-known because of two specific disasters, the HMS Birkenhead in 1852 and the Titanic in 1912. Wikipedia says modern practice is to help the most vulnerable first--those least able to help themselves, which often will be the injured, the elderly, and small children. The practice was not an indication that men were considered less valuable. It was actually a reflection of a sexist attitude: women were assumed to be fragile, weaker, less able to help themselves, and needing male protection. In 1912 ships did not carry enough lifeboats to save everybody, so crew members had to decide who could board. Nowadays they do. You will probably travel by airplane rather than ocean liner. If you travel by ocean liner and it sinks, there will be enough lifeboats. Crew members will not stop men from boarding. Your survival will depends on many chance factors. "Women and children first" will not be one of those factors.
December 27, 2015
You asked for my opinion, so I will give it to you. I think that for learning English you chose a subject that greatly increases the difficulty of your task, as it involves the language, the conscience, the integrity of the person, the subtle and not always possible (due to our present lack of knowledge) of what comes from pure animal instinct and what comes from social values. More than this I am not willing to say in this context, sorry.
December 27, 2015 In the Titanic disaster, among the passengers: 72% of the women survived, 50% of the children, and 16% of the men.
December 27, 2015
Not many things in life are absolute and it is generally not good to make blanket statements, but generally women and children take priority or at least the children anyhow
December 27, 2015
Good Idea .. !! ;)
December 27, 2015
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