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Usage of chip in, kick in, trow in, pitch in, etc. Hi. What would be the best option (verbs listed below) to describe a process of collecting money by a group of people in order to buy something together? 1 kick in 2 chip in 3 throw in 4 pitch in 5 contribute Thank you in advance.
27. Dez 2015 01:01
Answers · 2
I think that "chip in" is the best option and used most often. Ex. We all chipped in to buy Sally a gift. I have never seen "kick in" or "throw in" used for collecting money to buy something. "Pitch in" is usually used when a group of people are all working to complete an action. Ex. The whole family cleaned the house; everyone pitched in. "Contribute" would be okay, but I would specify that the people are contributing money. Ex. We all contributed money to buy Sally a gift.
27. Dezember 2015
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