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What's the difference between "exist" and "exists" in this sentence? Throughout the United States a wide variety of wetlands exist, ranging from permafrost wetlands in Alaska to tropical rain forests in Hawaii
Dec 27, 2015 5:20 AM
Answers · 12
Someone asked a similar question recently regarding "a lot of them are..." Here is a link: "Both sentences are grammatical." You could call it something of an anomaly of English grammar (but then, what isn't? :)).
December 27, 2015
plural = exist singular = exists
December 27, 2015
exists = singular unit of meaning, either one person or one group of things (eg this disease only exists in Africa) exist = plural unit, either people or things eg 'large groups of people exist in harmony' or 'a wide variety of wetlands exist'
December 27, 2015
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