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What's the meaning of "Lock and key liquidity"," in favor of","A two-pronged approach to hedging"? Lock and key liquidity The current credit crisis has altered the risk-return equation in favor of minimizing risk at a time when funding options for corporates are increasingly scarce. A two-pronged approach to hedging that optimizes the capital structure while allowing the corporate to create real cash benefits from market opportunities should therefore be adopted. The value of this approach has never been as clear as in the current market environment.
Dec 28, 2015 9:21 AM
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Let's help you acquire the skills of comprehension rather than just giving you the answer. Please fill in the following missing information indicated by the square brackets: 1. This passage is from [ ], written by [ ], in [what year]. 2. I am reading this because [ ]. My focus is on [learning the financial arguments? English language reading comprehension?] 3 "The current financial crisis" refers to the financial crisis of [which year]. Its main cause was [ ]. 4. "Funding options for corporates are increasingly scarce" means [ ] in simple English. They had become scarce because [ ]. 5. The "hedging" refers to the hedging against the risk of [ ]. 6. I have searched the internet and dictionaries for the meaning of "lock and key" and I believe it means [ ]. The origin of the phrase is [ ]. 7. The central theme of the article or chapter is [ ]. Its title is [ ]. 8. Examples of conventional financing methods it has given are [ ]. 9 Examples of alternative financing methods it has given are [ ]. Please let us see your answers to these questions. We shall then guide you to the next step in reading comprehension.
December 28, 2015
There is some work you should do. See my post below.
December 28, 2015
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