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What is the literal translation of "bexand tâ donyâ be ruyat bexandad"? I know this saying means "Smile, so the world smiles back onto your face”. I was wondering about the literal meaning of "ruyat", which according to the dictionary means "sight". Would the literal translation be something along the lines of "Smile, so the world at the sight [of your smile] smile? Could you give another example of a sentence with "ruyat"? Or is it an uncommon word only used in old sayings?
28 de dic de 2015 9:39
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You've looked up the wrong word "royat" which is spelled the same. The main word is "ru/رو" here which means "face", while "ruyat" means "your face." It's not very uncommon, but "surat/صورت" is used more often. Here is another example in common use, although I doubt you'd need one now: "Dast o (=va) rut (=ruyat) ro (=ra) shosti (=shosteyi)?" which means "Have you washed your hand(s) and face?"
28 de Diciembre de 2015
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