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Can we go find some Chinese food? Is the sentence correct? I see this sentence in video. Is it correct? I usually say ' Can we go to find some Chinese food?' Please reply me, thank you.
Dec 29, 2015 1:18 AM
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the sentence is understandable, but probably slightly weird when used. Can we go to find some Chinese food ? similar to what jeff and judy said, by using "go to" implies location seeking. if it were in a conversations eg: A : "can we go?" B:"where?" A:"to find some Chinese food !" then it's okay but in a single sentence it would be as jeff pointed out, referring to a specific location. and Chinese food is not a location! Can we go find some Chinese food? this is also slightly strange but much better than the other one. it is very colloquial and informal since the phrase " can we go find some ..." indicates certain objects. eg : "can we go find some water?" the term Chinese food is pretty broad and not exactly an object so it would be better to say : "Can we go find some place that does Chinese?" or " Let's go somewhere that does Chinese!" the idea of adding food makes the indication of they type of item of the country been referred to but in colloquial terms, I'd just use the country "you know any good indian places around here ?" if you want to be specific then using terms like "restaurant" "eatery" or "food places" would also do.
December 29, 2015
Hello Xindy! how are u? So I think is correct "Can we have some Chinese food?" If you want to eat chinese food and ask to people that are with you if they mind about you can eat chinese food '-'
December 29, 2015
Yes, the sentence is very understandable. But in colloquial English, we don't usually follow "go" with "to" unless to is being used as a preposition to indicate a specific destination. In this case, it would be more common to say: "Can we go find some Chinese food?" or "Let's go find some Chinese food." "To" in this context is just a shortened version of the phrase "in order to", but in this kind of construction, its not really necessary (especially when speaking informally).
December 29, 2015
Yes, it is correct to say "Can we go find some Chinese food?" (我们可不可以去找中国菜?) although here it would be more common to say "Can we go get some Chinese food?" (我们可不可以去吃中国菜?) or "Let's go get some Chinese food!" (我们去吃中国菜吧!)
December 29, 2015
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