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help me! (part 2) what is the best one, and please explain to me ! when will the meeting ....? a. take on b. hold on c. take place d.hold place
Dec 29, 2015 5:05 AM
Answers · 6
When will the meeting take place is the best option and this could also be used for, where will the meeting take place? A.) Take on is used when you are talking about something you are about to do that is challenging usually. Example: I will take on the challenge I will take on the responsibility B.)Hold on is used mainly as the action of holding on or telling someone to hold on Example: (On the phone) Hold on a minute please (When hanging from something like a ledge) Just hold on! *** You could use the term 'Held on" in terms of a meeting Example: What day will the meeting be held on? D.) hold place is not an expression used or I have never heard it. Hope this helps
December 29, 2015
When will the meeting take place ?
December 29, 2015
Take place :)
December 29, 2015
بسم الله
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