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Is the opposite of "~siz" is "~var"
Dec 29, 2015 6:21 AM
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The opposite of "-siz" is "-li". Containing Condition: [meaning: furnished with, containing, belonging to, place of] Suffix -li/-lı/-lu/-lü gives the sense of belonging to somewhere or being contained in something. It equates to with [with sugar] and various "additional and augmenting" suffixes and prefixes in English. [leafy, salty, coloured, numbered] Without (lacking) Condition: [meaning: without] Suffix -siz/-sız/-suz/-süz. This suffix gives the sense of lacking. This suffix equates to without [without sugar] and the various negating prefixes and suffixes of English un- dis- non- -less [unfair, dishonest, nonsense, hopeless] There is also -le With Condition: [meaning: together with, and, also] Suffix -le/-la or -yle/-yla after vowels. This suffix can also stand alone as a separate word ile. Refer to "var" is not a suffix. The opposite of "var" is "yok" Refer to
December 29, 2015
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