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Wu Ting
How would you interpret the word ‘tunnel’ here? How would you interpret the word ‘tunnel’ in the phrase ‘the smashed tunnel by the river where the fighting had been’? What kind of tunnel is that? I guess it means trench by the river. What do you think? Thanks. It’s from A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.the context: The next year there were many victories. The mountain that was beyond the valley and the hillside where the chestnut forest grew was captured and there were victories beyond the plain on the plateau to the south and we crossed the river in August and lived in a house in Gorizia (the town). People lived on in the town and there were hospitals and cafés and artillery up side streets and two bawdy houses, one for troops and one for officers, and with the end of the summer, the cool nights, the fighting in the mountains beyond the town, the shell-marked iron of the railway bridge, the smashed tunnel by the river where the fighting had been, the trees around the square and the long avenue of trees that led to the square….
29 déc. 2015 10:17
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A railway tunnel through the mountain.
29 décembre 2015
Hi, I'm not an expert but I have an idea... It would be unusual to refer to a trench as a tunnel. Trenches could be connected or undermined by tunnels, but a trench typically has to be open-topped like a ditch. I think the tunnel refers to a system of passages cut into the valley side/mountains surrounding the river. The area of the battle is quite mountainous and so tunnels were likely necessary. You can see some photos here in an article discussing battles from the same Isonzo Campaign area: Apparently people fought in the dark inside those tunnels - must have been terrifying. Hope this helps. :)
29 décembre 2015
I think it could mean also that the tunnel is collapsed or damaged.
29 décembre 2015
In "A Farewell to Arms" is a real tunnel. As you are studying french : "le tunnel écroulé près de la rivière" L'acier du pont de chemin de fer cabossé par les obus, le tunnel écroulé près de la rivière, là où on s'était battu, les arbres autour de la place.....
29 décembre 2015
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