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Ali mousavi
what is the meaning of this sentence? Seit 1497 finden hier Messen statt I have searched for the meaning of "Messen" and "statt" separately in dictionary but it doesn't make sense in this sentence . I also found that "Es findet statt" means "it takes place" which I think has to have sth with this sentence.
Dec 29, 2015 2:58 PM
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I don't really know how to explain bit I try , Eine Messe is what Is happening in the church on sondays , and the verb stattfinden means happen , occurs ...
December 29, 2015
I'd translate it into English as, "Trade fairs/exhibitions haven taken place/occurred here since 1497."
December 30, 2015
die Messe (pl. die Messen) = نمایشگاه oder عبادت جمعی در کلیسای کاتولیک stattfinden = برگزار شدن you can look it up in
December 29, 2015
Ali mousavi
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