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Is there a way I can get a pinyin to Chinese keyboard on my phone? I feel like I will learn characters subconsciously if I use one! Cheers for the help :) PS I'm on Android.
2015年12月30日 07:08
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hello, actually I have Go Keyboard on my android phone. you can write using this methods: pinyin, stroke, and handwriting. I'm using my phone original keyboard; it contains the same features.
I'm a Chinese and we usually use 搜狗输入法or QQpinyin.But I'm not sure if your APP STORE could get them.
Google 'pinyin input' is very popular, and available on the google play store. However, you'll still need to be able to recognize Chinese characters! :) For example, 知道 and 直到 are both typed as 'zhidao', but the meanings are very different. Jake
Do you mean "the smart input method app for typing on your Android phone and tablet"? If so, I use this one.;=en You can input Chinese characters through Pinyin and Handwriting.
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