Vivian Baby
What makes u feel embarrassed in China
Oct 7, 2008 10:13 AM
Answers · 3
i woud like to turn this question around. what are you embarrassed of in you'r contry. :) i am embarrassed over that norway have like nothing export the only thing they have is oil and water power. embarrass over that we cant make any *thing's*. only thing we have made for this world is papper clips and think (cars(that no one drives)) ohh yea the bad joystick on Sony Ericsson phones and some nokia model's. how many thing's do you know of that is "made in norway" if you have any thing to say to me feel free to pm. me.
October 7, 2008
I feel embarrassed for my limited chinese especially when I am a chinese (Singaporean) myself. Hope to improve before my next visit...
October 7, 2008
anything can makes you embarrassed even abroad.but that depends on what situation u r in
October 7, 2008
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